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Experience Italy Unlike Anyone Else - See it YOUR Way!

Ciao, friends!

I’ve been to Italy a few times, and much of that time has been spent near the Alps in the northern part of the country. You’d be hard pressed to find a travel advisor that has been *everywhere* in Italy. So what matters most when booking your trip to Italy?

The Power of the Partnership

Our In-Country Partners are one of the most important aspects of Wander Beyond Travel. These partners are extremely well-connected, which means you have “boots on the ground”, local support while you are traveling. It also means that your trip to Italy can be truly customized to your interests. You get to see what you want without feeling forced to spend time in areas that you don’t have interest in.


Here are some examples of the unique experiences that you can have when you customize your trip to Italy with Wander Beyond.

CULINARY DELIGHTS All foodies strive to experience Italy at least once in their lifetime. Italy is a flavorful feast of foodie experiences! Learn traditional recipes while cooking with locals in their homes, stroll through city streets and lively markets tasting regional specialties, tour the Castles of Chianti, and discover Italy’s famous wines.


ACTIVE ADVENTURES Spend 10 days hiking around the iconic Mont Blanc Circuit with a small group of like-minded adventurers. This challenging hike will take you through Italy, France and Switzerland. Your efforts are rewarded with mesmerizing views of glaciers, steep valleys, and high alpine meadows. Recharge at night with delicious cuisine in simple refugios.


ROMANCE Sure, any Italian itinerary can be romantic...but we can build one with moments that give your loved one goosebumps!

Two of the most popular destinations for romance are the Eternal City of Rome and the Amalfi Coast, where natural beauty surrounds and inspires.

Whether its a proposal, honeymoon, anniversary, or just time to recharge your relationship, I'm your, wingwoman.


LUXURY Shop till you drop in Milan, the home of some of the most famous names in high fashion. Take a fully guided tour of Lake Como, known for its incredible mediterranean and alpine scenery. For a special twist, combine Italy with a stopover in Dubai where you can test drive a Ferrari, visit the famous Gold Souk, and take a private Sand Dune Dinner Safari in a 4WD Land Cruiser.


OFF THE BEATEN PATH Explore the Italian Vespa! Riding a Vespa is fun and opens you up to opportunities to discover out-of-the-ordinary locations and experience the freedom of leisurely meandering through winding Italian country roads.  Feel free to sing in Italian at the top of your lungs as the scenery rolls by.​ We won't judge.


Have you been dreaming of a trip to Italy? Contact me and we’ll put together the perfect trip for you today! You get an expert planner and a human being that cares to help you throughout the planning process and while you are on the trip to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.

Ciao! See you again soon!

Pam Cherek Founder | Travel Advisor Wander Beyond Travel LLC

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