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Commitment to Sustainable Travel: An Easy Business Decision

I make my best decisions on the trail, surrounded by nature, with fresh air to fuel my thoughts.

Last weekend, on a short training hike for next year's Patagonia trip, I solidified an important business decision about something that has been on my mind for a while now: Wander Beyond Travel will no longer book cruises with Carnival, Princess, or any other cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation.

"Wander Beyond Travel will no longer book cruises with Carnival, Princess, or any other cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation."

I cannot support a company that intentionally and repeatedly pollutes our oceans, then seemingly builds the cost of fines into their business model. At the beginning of this month, Carnival Corporation was fined $20 million as punishment for intentionally dumping plastic and “oily discharge” into the oceans. While $20 million sounds like a lot of money, it equates to a measly 0.63% of their 2018 net income. Talk about a slap on the wrist for a repeat offender!

As a traveler, mega cruise ships never appealed to me. As a business owner, I have to stand up for what I believe in and hold true to my ethics. This is my little way of making a positive impact on our world - by only promoting companies that operate in sustainable ways and encouraging my clients to spend their travel dollars with responsible operators.


Cruise Companies that we are PROUD to Promote and Support

Below are some examples of cruise companies that I am proud to promote and do business with. They provide an exceptional experience for passengers, act as leaders in environmental stewardship, and provide additional perks for you when you book through Wander Beyond Travel.

An UnCruise passenger kayaks back to the Safari Voyager after a leisurely paddle

UnCruise Adventures, Inc

True to their name, UnCruise takes everything you think you know about cruising and turns it on its head. Their largest ship carries just 90 passengers. Their food is locally sourced, fresh and absolutely delicious. They connect you with the indigenous populations in the areas you visit in a real and authentic way that benefits the local populations. I spent a week in Alaska with the owner of UnCruise and can tell you first hand that Dan Blanchard is a passionate adventurer and staunch activist for our oceans and wild places. Click here to read more about UnCruise’s Sustainability efforts.


Hurtigruten's MS Fram Sails to the Next Harbor

Hurtigruten, Inc

For over 125 years, Hurtigruten has been exploring the most remote corners of the world by ship. They may be the oldest expedition cruise line in the world, but they are constantly innovating to raise the industry standards for responsible practices by a larger cruise line. Hurtigruten was the first major travel company to ban single-use plastics aboard their vessels. They are about to launch the world’s first hybrid-powered expedition cruise ship, the MS Roald Amundsen. Based in Norway, Hurtigruten sails to the polar regions of the earth and all over Scandinavia. They are one of the best companies to consider when booking a cruise to Antarctica.


To find out more, or to book a trip with one of these exceptional cruise operators, call 737-346-6033 or fill out a Custom Trip Request Form.

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